Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Talofa beautiful people Manuia le tausaga fou (saiga??) lol So you must be wondering why Happpy Chinese New Year? Ia because its Fepuari (Febuary for our english speaking folks) and I am FINALLY getting back to the beautiful BLOG that I have and do you want to know why...

ia okay...

I forgot my email.

Thats a part of being old folks

So since the chinese are the only ones still singing Happy New Years to you (is that a song?) rather than be a FOB who says Happy New Years in Fepuari I'm saying... HAPPY (chinese) NEW YEARS!

I have SO much to share with you... its been an interesting end of the year and beginning of a new one. Ia manuia lou tasaga fou my beloveds translation make it a BIG BRIGHT BLESSED NEW YEARS people.... and stay tuned....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Samoan "K"angsta???

So I am sure that there are plenty of people who will hate what i have to say about this but... as the good book says... "go to HADES" you dont know that is then trust me I am the least of your worries.

With society morale in the steady decline that it is, I wonder, where do SAMOAN gangsters orginate? Is this something from the culture? Something in the legend books? Is it a rite of passage before a man is able to claim his 'matai' (chief-hood for those not savvy to island ways)?

I guess my issue is with the startling rise of Samoan gang-bangers or the like in our areas of concentration. I try to understand where in the cocunut trees and banana leaves are the 'ghettos' that produced the hard 'kankstas' that are visible here

Very much like the dilemma that many other races have seen in their struggles to attain the renowned AMERICAN DREAM they have all come to the 'promised land' and been 'ghetto-ized'
oh crap
Now is as pertinent as any moment to have a PSA (not pumping sex action ya pervs but I did get some great position ideas from their blog - um not that i read it or anything) THATS RIGHT...
-DID this broad just say "GHETTO-ize" what she tryna say??!!??
Dont send the calvary just yet honey...
GHETTO is not a RACE thing okay people...
its a CLASS thing-
Get with the program and like the youngun's say 'GAME RECOGNIZE GAME'

To say that being 'GHETTO' is acting - like you are -
(omg is she gonna say it???)
'blak' or 'mexican' or 'puerto rican' or whichever race of highest concentration
happens to frequent your local GENERAL AREA OF CONGESTION aka GHETTO -

is DEMEANING to each and ALL of those cultures!!!

If being GHETTO/GANGsta/HOOD is Black than what of all the beautifully remarkable black brethren who impressed their wisdoms and such upon what is AMERICAN CULTURE today?

If being GHETTO/GANGsta/HOOD is MEXICAN or CHICANO or LATINO or whichever than what of all the hard working mothers and fathers of those beautiful races that helped fight for the working rights of the average american today???

If being GHETTO/GANGsta/HOOD is any race than we have degraded the very blood that courses through our veins and OH HOW STUPID YOU YOUNGSTAS ARE!

Hey! Idiots! (especially samoan idiots) You are so busy masquerading these manifested GANG BANG TYPE personas that you forfeit your TRUE WARRIOR BLOOD WITHIN YOU.

Every culture of every nation of every kindred of every people has their warriors their fighters their champions. THAT is the blood you triumph. You dont need a million tattoos saying what click you are ya dummy you are born with HISTORICAL BLOOD coursing through your veins.

Give me old school warrior ANYDAY!

I mean Apocalypto may not kill superman (lol) but he would scare the crap out of training day!

Get with the program kids... read a book or somethin....

dayum hippies

Monday, August 13, 2007


For those of you who dont know...

Talofa is a hello for the Samoan people. Not to be confused with Hawaiians ALOHA you definitely do NOT say ALOHA to a Samoan to say goodbye as well... well not unless you want the patent pending "STUPID LOOK"

Having clarified that...


...and being Samoan I KNOW that inquiring minds want to know who I am what family im from where i live what i weigh what color my hair is if my crap stinks and the like...

I am a 50-something in the Bay Area - currently residing on the peninsula. I have children but who they are is none of your business people! eeesh! I am single (Thank you Lord) & Christian (Dont go to your Reverends in disgust just yet infamous "Aunties" (any REAL samoan knows the kine Im talking about!) ia re-baptize me in the morning thank you.

Ia... its my space (not to be confused with myspace.com - which i am noticing is almost a third Samoan - faapea a'u e ga o tamati e fai lena mea o 'myspace') so MY story.

Like it - leave a comment
hate it - o well its a hard life (ua la ia!)